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What We Are
"Makerspace? What's a makerspace!?"

Kzoo Makers community makerspace:

  • Collaborative workspaces, equipment, and programs
  • Hands-on environment for creativity, exploration, and skill-building
  • A place for community to create ideas and turn into creation, to contribute to a culture of local innovation, and to have fun!

Kzoo Makers is a volunteer operated 501(c)(3) public charity: charitable contributions include community development, economic development, and education-supporting resources for Kalamazoo and surrounding communities.

More info, please see our What we are page.

Space, Equipment, Programs
"Ok sounds kind of neat. What does Kzoo Makers offer?"

We offer space, equipment, and programs.


Kzoo Makers facility is subdivided into areas of interest, called zones.

Please see our Zone Map

Current Zones
  • Fiber & Arts
  • Electronics
  • Lasers
  • Computer Lab
  • Metalshop
  • Welding
  • Workspace
  • Meeting space
  • Woodshop
  • 3D Printing
  • Breezeway
  • Everything else


Each zone maintains equipment supporting the interest of the zone.

Please see our Equipment List, or click on a zone above.

  • Awesome woodshop with fantastic equipment: large jointer, planer, drum & wide belt sanders, bandsaws, lathe, CNC machines, etc.
  • Stuffed electronics room: test equipment galore, tools and more!
  • Multiple laser cutters and engravers - CO2 up to 120 watts, 49in wide!
  • Sweet metal and welding equipment: Manual and cnc mills, metal lathe, stick/mig, sandblasting and more.
  • Handy dandy 3D printers: 80+ rolls of filament, various colors and type
  • Cozy sewing room: 5 matched sewing machines for group projects!
  • Lot more!


Each zone has programs, usually relating to the interest of the zone.

Kzoo Makers, members, and select guests operate various programs such as meetups, workshops, events..

Please see our Event Calendar for scheduled events.

  • Meetups: Southwest Michigan Makers Network, Kalamazoo Linux User Group, Kalamazoo Woodworkers Guild, Electronics Forum
  • Workshops: Kevins Laser workshops, Chris Runs Lathe workshops, Wayne does metal working workshops
  • Events: Some events we have hosted at our space example Art Hop......
Accessing The Space
" can I be a part of the makerspace?"

Most people access our makerspace by being members of the space. Being a member gives you access to the space and equipment.

Membership fees for most member range from $25/month to $75/month. For a complete list of membership options, please see our Membership Chart

There are other ways to access the space, without being a member: Workshops, Events, and Meetups. Please see Event Calendar

Touring, Joining, Finding Out More
" I need to see this place! Maybe I'd like to sign up too."

Click here: Request a Tour and/or Joining

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Member Resources and The Curious
"Can you direct me to the rabbit hole, please?"


Rules, Policies, and Procedures:

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Contact Us
"Where the heck are you? How do I get a hold of someone?"
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (269) 270-3141
  • Address: 1102 East Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Please email, call, or request a tour before ahead of visiting

Makerspace floor plan.svg
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.16.13 PM-min 2.png
Get ready to unlock your creativity as we provide you tools that bring your ideas to life.

Our state-of-the-art electronics lab is packed to the brim with scopes, meters, and soldering equipment that will make the most tech-savvy geeks drool. Don't even get us started on our 3D printers and laser cutters ranging from 40w to a whopping 120w!

But that's not all - our cabinet level woodshop is a dream for any woodworking enthusiast with saws, jointers, planers, and sanding equipment. And if metalwork is your thing, we've got you with our CNC machines, welding capabilities, and more!

At Kzoo Makers, we're all about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who love to geek out over the latest technology and collaborate on awesome group projects. And the best part? We're a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about what we do.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on a thrilling adventure of discovery, innovation, and geeky excitement. Request a tour and let's make something!