• A member may host one guest at a time in the Makerspace tool area.
  • A guest will not operate tools or equipment.
  • A member may host an unlimited number of guests if approved for an activity if approved by the zone leader.
  • In all cases, the member(s) hosting one or more guests are responsible for:
    • Verifying that each guest has a signed waiver on file before they're allowed entry
    • Signing the log with each guest.
    • Making sure guests understand the guidelines under which we operate.
    • Ultimately, cleaning up after guests if they fail to do it themselves
    • If any of the following is true, the person is not allowed in the space and must leave:
      • The person is not of the age of majority and a parent or guardian of the guest has not filled out the Young Guest Waiver on his or her behalf
      • The person is banned.
  • A guest who behaves inappropriately may be asked to leave by a member. In case of a dispute in the matter, any officer may mediate.