Bringing Property to the Kzoo Makers

  • Only members can bring property to the Kzoo Makers, except for donated property.
  • A list of property types is included below. If property coming to the Kzoo Makers meets one or more of these criteria, the associated process(es) must be followed. Otherwise the Executive Council reserves the right to treat said property at Kzoo Makers as Abandoned Property.

Integrating New Property Into Kzoo Makers

Donating Property

  • Definition: The property is brought to Kzoo Makers by a member or guest who wants Kzoo Makers to become the new owner of the property.
  • Process: Give the officers or the appropriate zone's manager a filled-out Donation Release and wait for approval.

Removing Property From Kzoo Makers

Types of Property

Kzoo Makers Owned

Shared Property

  • Definition: The property is brought to Kzoo Makers by a member (not a guest) who wants to share usage but not ownership of the property. The member retains ownership of the property.
  • Process:
    • Kzoo Makers and the property owner agree on the replacement value/cost before the item is brought to the Makerspace.
    • Kzoo Makers shall have the right to require the property owner to remove the shared item at any time.
    • Members taking their personally-owned shared property out of the Makerspace must notify the zone manager before removing the property.
    • In case the property owner intends to sell the item, Kzoo Makers shall have the first right for purchase.
    • Give the officer or the appropriate zone's manager a filled-out Equipment Entry Form / Ownership Affidavit and wait for approval.

Personal Property

  • Definition: Property owned by a member that is not donated or shared.
  • Process: Members may freely bring private property to Kzoo Makers as long as it is stored safely in their Project Space.

Oversize Property

  • Definition: The property is a standing object that occupies a floor footprint (like a server rack, table saw, furniture, or telescope) and it cannot be stored on a shelf.
  • Process: Give the appropriate zone's manager a filled-out property permit and wait for approval.

Consigned Property

  • You want; you buy; everyone is happy

Long Term Storage

  • You can do this for a price

Abandoned Property

  • Because Kzoo Makers must actively defend itself from clutter and unwanted property, abandoned property is treated as though the owner places no value on the property and will not return to claim their property. In the interest of the members and their need for a clean, safe workshop, the Zone Leaders and Executive Council will thus use or dispose of the abandoned property however they see fit.

Lost and Found

  • All your base are belong to us