• Be creative, be excellent to each other and enjoy your Makerspace.
  • We are all here to make things and learn. Collaboration is important.
  • When you break something, own up to it. If you have any doubt about fixing it, ask for help. Don't make someone feel bad for breaking things, help them understand what went wrong
  • Clean, Maintain, Organize, Improve. Always leave the space better than you found it.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Answer questions kindly; eventually you'll have to ask for help too.
  • Tools/resources must stay on the premises so that other members may use them.
  • It is the responsibility of the members to come to amicable agreements concerning conflicts over tools, space or other shop resources.


  • No sleeping / living in the space. (Napping for a little is okay.)
  • No smoking, No illegal drugs, or No illegal activities.
  • No modification, or manufacturing of any weapon or firearms.
  • Generally, projects or conduct that may cause harm or that may raise liability/insurance to unacceptable levels shall be prohibited. Please use your best, good judgement.